Working through Transitions!

Patience Brothers and Sisters.  There is much in the works right now.  We understand some of you are used to having abilities that are being blocked from you right now.  There are things in the works and we can’t have you interfere with them right now.  Your gifts and abilities are still within you.  They are just being locked away for right now.  If you want to help, focus on radiating light, love, peace, kindness and compassion out into the world.  If you don’t know what to do, that will always be helpful.  There are forces at work right now and we are figuring out the best way to navigate them, while we keep you as safe as possible.  You are not alone, even if you feel a sense of disconnect.  Tune into what you need to connect with and focus on that connection.  That will help you in this moment of transition and transformation.  

The Galactic Forum