Vibrational Alignment!

All things are energy.  You must learn to let go of the people, things and energies not in vibrational alignment with you. Let go of the need to control or force creations.  Find out what you need to be in alignment with and in vibrational resonance with.  Create unions with the people, beings and energies that belong with you.  Don’t force these unions.  Start with drawing vibrational matches to you.  Create from being in a vibrational match.  Tune your frequency to what it needs to be now.  The answers will be different for each of you.  Mankind tends to assume what is around them is their vibrational match but it is because you are not paying attention to how the energy feels around you.  You have become numb and you have just accepted much as the way things are.  It is time to adjust your frequencies to what they are meant to be.  You just need to focus on tuning your frequency to what it is meant to be.  See what changes start to manifest.

The Light Giver