Take care of the Environment!

This is one form of reality.  It is about your experiences in the perceived physical world.  As a sentient being, you must care for the land and natural resources.  Man harnesses and wastes resources meant for all life on the planet.  You must learn to co-exist with all life on your planet or condemn life to perish.  The anger, fear and violence pushes the scale to the elimination of all life, as you know it on your planet.  Domination and the need to control helps no one.  There are ways to create clean energy that are environmentally friendly.  You must learn to do this now.  

Stop chasing money and learn to use your skills to help in the way that comes through.  Follow your true life purpose.  Utilize your gifts, talents and abilities.  When you create through alignment and attention to working through your Source, you will always have whatever you need.  Your needs shift, as you become more aligned with your Source.

The Elements and Spirits of the Earth