Metatron-(1)I provide various services for my clients and students.

One on one sessions involve us either meeting in person or over the telephone.  We usually start with questions that the client has brought to the session.  I then open to the answers that come through.  Other information may come through during this process.  The energies start with the clients questions, so that we are not invading people and are respectful of their Free Will.  This process is very loving and is designed to help aid the client on their path.  We open to help move people through their blocks and in recreating their lives so that things work better for them. There are times where spirits come through or it could be various light beings.  These sessions are tailored towards the individual.


The cost of private session is as follows:

$75 per half hour

$150 per hour

$225 per hour and a half

$300 for a two hour session


Payments for a phone session may be made by check and sent to:

Ken Barkin
13246 Shadow Canyon Trail
Broomfield, CO  80020

Sessions in person are paid by cash or check, at the end of the session.

I also teach classes on various subjects where I channel the information for the students.  In the past, we have offered classes based on what people have asked me to teach or we have held classes based on requests from various realms.  The energies may wish to impart various topics and themes to help individuals and groups with something that they find helpful to the various people.  The costs of the classes will vary based on what I am guided to charge.  The cost will be posted along with the information of whatever we have scheduled.

To schedule a session or to join in a class, please contact Ken at (303) 284-8396 or  Thank you!


I was asked to write a chapter in an e-book.  The book is free.  You just need to click onto the following link to download it:

I hope that you find the book enjoyable and informative.  Please feel free to pass this information to anyone you know who might enjoy the book.