Raise your Vibration!

Too many on your planet will look for ways to attack each other and snipe.  It is time to change that direction.  You will not agree with everyone.  We are not asking you to support those who would harm others.  First look for ways to be your best.  Be your most loving, kind self.  Then create and intention of bringing out the best in yourself and in those around you and that you work with.  Look for ways to work together and to make something better, kinder, more loving.  Focus on touching everything with love.  Be aware of what raises your vibration and what lowers it and then focus on what raises your vibration.  You can’t control others but you can start bringing higher vibrational ways of living to the environment you are living in.  This should help you come together with those who are doing the same work.  What you focus on will expand.

The Light Giver