Move past the Victims!

There are always people who feel entitled and play the victim.  They are usually the ones who victimize others to show how mistreated they think they are being treated.  They are the bullies who tell someone “look what you made me do.”  They have not learned how to create through their own energy.  They use violence and suppression to assume power.  It is always someone else’s fault.  They are very much like narcissists and sociopaths in that they have no sense of how other people feel and they don’t care.  It is always about them.  You have no control over the behaviors of others.  They will not understand our teachings or ways.  It is not for them.  Mankind will always seek scapegoats to blame for their problems.  You can’t teach anyone who is down this path.  You must find your own destiny by opening to your energy.  Look at what you find missing around you and create that energy within you without attachment to it changing others.  If love and compassion are missing, create love and compassion.  If you want peace, be peace.  You hold power within you.  What you feed will grow.  All possessions are on loan.  Enjoy what you have, while you have it.  They are things.  Who you are is more important than what you collect.  You must each decide who you will be.  Those who belong with you will find you.  Trust your intuition!

The Light Teacher