Message from the Light, 9/26/18

Stop making things difficult. Go to the simplicity of the energy of what you are creating and desiring. You don’t need to make anything complicated. Creation of anything is through the alignment of energy. Be open to what you desire. Remove the blocks you have imposed. You are not responsible for what others create. You are responsible for what you are creating. Your thoughts are forming creations. Your actions are forming creations. Your patterns are forming creations. To create change, you must alter your thoughts and actions. Your beliefs must be aligned with what you desire.

We hear many of you reading this saying: “Yes, but.” There is no yes, but to any of this. It is simple. You must align your thoughts, actions and beliefs with what you desire to manifest. Stop being passive and expecting others to do your work for you. We can help you but we can’t do it for you.

The Light