Message from the Light, 7/3/18

If the goal is for us to learn to unconditionally love each other, how do we do that with those whom we have a difficult time being with?

Unconditional love is just that. It is unconditional love. There is no judgment of others. You can decide what is right for you. Also, if you look at what you are objecting to, it is based on your fear or the fear of others. You get to vote for whom you want to vote for. You get to make decisions that are right for you. You get to create friendships with those whom you feel a connection with. Most of the objections you have to what you have seen come from fear. When people are looking at ways to control or harm others, they are operating from their fears. Knowing this helps you love others better. Each of you holds some experience of fear within your energy. Understanding your fears helps you understand the fears of others.

The Light