Message from the Light, 7/11/18

How would you suggest people find their purpose and their journey?

You enter the world as a pure soul who comes into a body and into a family. From your spirit connection, you don’t need to ask about your purpose, your journey or you path. The challenges that arise come from taking on the energy of those around you. You are taught lessons by those who have been conditioned. The trick is to connect to your spirit so you know what is right for you. Come from love and you will see your path. Be with others in love and you will know the power that you hold. You have your dreams and aspirations. They are within you. Speak to your spirit and it will help guide you in the right direction. Release what doesn’t feel right to you. You can return to love by just focusing on how to love better. Experiences show up in each moment and you know what feels right to you.

The Light