Message from the Light, 7/10/18

If I had one message for all who read these words, it would be love each other. Appreciate and value the differences between each of you. Stop trying to harm people who are different from you. I would add, there is no one road to follow. You will enjoy the journey much more, if you stop living in fear. Help those who join your journey. Enjoy each lesson and each experience. You are each more than your physical forms. They are only vehicles to allow you to traverse the physical plane of existence. You are not your bodies. You are your spirits. Greed will not get you farther than someone who sees that abundance is in all that surrounds them. When you create through greed, the creation doesn’t have the right foundation. There is abundance all around you. You will find things manifest easier and more joyfully, when you create from love and passions. Spend your time with those you value. Celebrate each day.

The Light