Message from God, 7/8/18

I am available to all. I am not in scripture, although many think that is where I am. I am in your hearts and your souls. I am in all creation. I am in love and light. I am in dark and fear. I am available to all those who invite me in. I am with you in every breath you take and every thought you conceive. My true self is beyond what mankind can conceive. If you just open to me and just spend time with me, we will develop a deep connection and relationship. It is easier to find me and connect with me when you are coming from love, compassion and kindness. Those who used judgments of others and doctrine as a way of connecting with me can never truly bond with me. I do not judge any of you. I merely love all of the creations that are. I am what you call God or the Creator. All energy of God is constantly creating. You all have me within you because you are also creators. Pay attention to what you create in your thoughts and your deeds. Pay attention to what you create within your hearts.

My wish for each of you is that you truly learn to love and that you create from love.