Message for 1/5/14

You work and you often focus on the wrong thing.  Many of you get caught up in office politics or relationship dramas.  Many will attract trauma and then wonder why.  Many of you get caught in your karmic loops with others and you find it frustrating.  Let it go!  Stop trying to fix other people or change other people.  Stop worrying about what others do or don’t do.  If you are in a position to supervise others, focus on how to help office subordinates succeed.  If someone doesn’t want to take your advice, let them create their own cause and effect.  You have to allow each person to be who and what they are.  You have to allow each person to take responsibility for their own creations and behaviors.  Sometimes, someone just isn’t a good fit for a job or situation.  Stop forcing relationships to be something other than what they are.  See people for who and what they are.

If you need help with the right questions, ask for help.  Ask what the right focus and questions are to find the right focus and answers.  Help is there for you.  You have only to embrace the right help.  Be who and what you are, see others for who and what they are and then make the right decisions for yourself based on that.  Open up all of your senses when you are with someone so that you can see beyond any smoke screens that they may have created.  Life will flow much better for you.