Message for 1/15/13

Celebrate life!  Celebrate each day and each experience.  We do not recognize death.  We see transitions.  All life, in physical form, only borrows a physical shell to experience life in a certain realm.  What you view as death is the spirit or soul leaving the physical form.  The energy of the being is still in existence.  The energy will either take on another physical form, which you consider birth, or stay in its natural form.  Some energies take on forms that will be easy to recognize and others are in forms that many humans cannot fathom.  We see many humans who mourn the loss of loved ones but these loved ones are not lost.  They are just removed from their shell that you knew them in.  It is better to celebrate the time that you have with someone than to worry about not having them.

Many spirits are more interested in celebrating the day that they returned to a spirit form than the day that they incarnated in human form.  This is not because they don’t love the friends and family who are still in human form.  They relish the freedoms that they have without a physical form.  Also, realize there is a long line of beings waiting to experience human forms.  So, all existences are celebrated.  Many spirits are always seeking for transitions and new experiences.  Enjoy the experiences you are in right here and now.


Yahweh, The Godhead and the Light