Message 10/26/13

Dear Ones,

We would like to discuss the naming of your guides and guards.  The need to label those who work with you is a human trait.  We are distinguished by our energy.  Some energies have names or labels and when you work with an energy who has such a name, they will share this name with you.  We don’t find it important to be addressed by names or labels.  We are with you to help you.

You each have energies who act as guides and guards.  Your guides and guards are individual to each of you.  Some will have energies work with them from the spirit realm, some from what you call the angelic realm, some from a star realm, some will have ascended masters work with them, some will have beings you refer to as ancient gods or goddesses and some will have elemental energies.  There are many variations of who could work with you.  There are variations beyond what we have listed.  Whoever is there to work with you will be perfect for you.  One group is not better than another group.  It is about you having the right energy for you and your life purpose.  We know that many teach that you have a spirit guide and a guardian angel but that only describes that you will have some form a of energy to help you with your work and life and another form of energy to watch over your safety and alert you to danger or issues.  These beings are there to help light beings navigate the earth plane.

We know that you believe that all beings have some sort of guide and guard.  There are instances where humans have sent their guides and guards away because they insist on working from their ego perspective and  would not listen to any form of guidance.  In those instances, Free Will is respected and the assigned guides and guards may step away to allow the being to learn as they request to learn.  It is not a punishment but a gift of love.  If someone wishes to retrieve their guides and guards, they just have to request their assistance and they will return.  We may seem like we are being neglectful but we are ever attentive to your needs and desires.  All things work out as they need to.


The Yahwehs