Message 10/25/13

Dear Ones,

We would like to start today off with two questions for you.  Where is your focus?  What do you focus on?

These are simple questions but they are key to what you have in your life right now and what you will attract in the future.  Many would try to end suffering by focusing on suffering.  What they are really doing is expanding suffering.  Many would like to end violence by focusing on violence.  How is that working for your society?  The more you focus on violence, the more violent your society is becoming.  We have heard many speak about how focusing on love, joy and happiness are boring.  However, if you want love, joy and happiness, you must focus your thoughts on the energy you wish to expand.

When someone gets ill, they focus on the illness and “attacking” the problem.  Doctors talk about fighting cancer or some other illness.  What if you took a different approach.  Your body speaks to you but most humans don’t listen to their bodies, unless they no longer have a choice.  So, when something shows up, you must learn to thank your bodies for the message.  Spend time on tuning into the message.  Then, tune into what you need to do to heal or care for yourself in the future.  If you have a broken bone, get the bone set and taken care of before you work on this process.  You might need to remove the cancer before you begin the process of listening to your bodies but tune in and don’t just react.  Death is only the removal of your soul from your physical shell.  You don’t die.  How you live is up to you.  Each of you must find the answers that are right for you.  Learn to tune in more frequently.  You are not doing this to control another person but to find what is the right answer for you.  You can start by being aware of your thoughts and focus.  Notice how that affects what you have in your life and where you are in life.

If you realize everything is love based and not fear based, you will alter your realities pretty quickly.  Soon, it will become second nature to you.


The Brothers of the White Light