Message 10/24/13

This is a variation on yesterday’s message but it gives some clarity.

All cognitive beings were given Free Will.  How you act and what you do is up to you.  There is a huge variety of options for all of you.  What will you choose?  What you think and how you behave are your responsibilities.  Some energies are ruled by their instincts and nature.  Some have more control over their actions.  You will find that those ruled by instinct and their nature often do things out of their instinct.  They are not processing their behaviors.  They may act and then think.  Many follow what they are told to do, without processing their actions and the affects that they will have on others.

It is time to look at people for who and what they are, instead of who and what you want them to be.  If you look at them clearly and don’t imposed your desires on them, you will be able to make better judgments on who to allow in and who to stay away from.


The Brothers of the White Light