Message 10/23/13

I was looking at different events around the world, where groups are doing various violent activities.  Some kids in the US are on trial for murder.  They committed the murders because they were bored.  Al Quada is killing innocent people because they perceived that some non Muslims are not showing them the respect that they think that they are due.  I was asking the higher realms what we should do about this type of behavior.

Dear Ones,

Free Will comes from a gift of love.  What each human decides to do with their Free Will is up to them.  We realize that these violent behaviors make you angry and you want to fight back.  However, you can’t fight and create peace.  You can contain those who would create violence in your world but nothing more, if you truly wish to help heal your planet and world.  Those who would kill others choose to separate themselves from God and higher realms.  No higher realm energy would ask you to harm another being.  Those who would kill in the name of God are not connected to God at all or they would understand that God is love and not violent.  All of the atrocities in your world come from those who would separate from God and use their Free Will to harm instead of heal.

Each of you must make your own decisions on how you want to be in your world.  You have constant choices that help frame the type of life you will have and the way you will be in your realm.  We do not see death as humans see death.  The spirit and the soul continue.  Many of you are learning through human experiences.  So, please don’t get wrapped up in what you think you are seeing.  Each of you is held accountable for what you do in life.  Your ways on the physical plane will alter and affect your spirit paths in other lifetimes.  Each decision is framed by you.  So, choose wisely.  When you know better, you must choose better.


The Brotherhood of the White Light