Message 10/21/13

Dear Ones,

In building on yesterday’s message.  We ask that you rebuild all that you do in your life on love and compassion.  Don’t say yes to anything, until you tune in and feel the energy of the request and how to respond.  This may take some thought at first but it will get easier.  If you feel guilt or coerced into doing something, the answer is automatically no.  If the energy of a group or organization feels like they need to manipulate you to say yes, the answer is no.

You are only to say yes to things that feel aligned with you and your soul.  This is contrary to how your society works right now.  There are plenty of people who will live on the old paradigm.  You don’t need to worry about those who choose to be in the manipulation form of life.

This assignment is to help you understand how different things are, when you say yes to things that are in alignment with your path and journey.  You remove fear from the equation.

We would like to address the energy of poverty, hunger, illness.  Yes, there are all of those things in your society.  It is nice to help create medical programs and food programs.  You want to also shift society so that people are no longer victims and in poverty consciousness.  However that is a choice of those spirits who come into those realities.  Suffering is optional.  Each soul may take any experience and choose how to process the experience.  There are ways to shift any perception to shift the perceived reality.  Coming from a place of love and compassion will allow each being to have the reality that they need and desire.  When someone seeks a new way, the help will be there for them to recreate their reality.  Love and compassion is not about fixing or changing anyone.  It is about just loving the person just as they are and in the life that they are experiencing.  You are helping those whom you feel drawn to help from love and compassion.  You are still doing good things in the world but you are aligning to those whom you are here to work with and help.  Allow each being their free will and creations.  This may not make sense now but it will in time.


The Brothers of the White Light