Message 10/20/13

I have been looking at how to be more loving, kind and compassionate.  I was walking in my neighborhood and started to pick up some trash on the street.  I heard “no.”  It felt weird to me not to pick up some trash that was in the street but I complied.  I also get a lot of calls with people trying to get donations or talk me into buying what they are selling.  I usually just screen the calls and don’t pick up, if I don’t know the number.  Often the energy of the calls comes through as stressful.  These calls are about manipulating people to donate or do something that the caller wants.  One group called 8 times in one night.  It turned out that they are work for a company that tries to find people to go after for a collection agency.  So, they try to get information from people so that they can look into their credit history only so they can start harassing them.  Their method of finding people to investigate felt pretty abusive.  So, I wanted to know how to be loving and compassionate and still not have to be harassed by those not on that path.  What came through is the following:

Dear One,

When you do something out of a sense of love and compassion, it will feel good.  If you continue to engage with energy that is full of fear and manipulation, then you are not feeding the energy of love but fear.  Many solicitations are about people working.  Their job depends on them convincing you to do something that isn’t necessarily right for you.  You are not seeking them out.  They are seeking you out.  The energy comes from a sense of fear.  If you don’t believe us look at how most companies solicit funds.  How does it feel talking to them?  Do they enjoy what they are doing?  Charities hold a vibration of doing something for a good cause but use fear, guilt and scare tactics to get you to give to them.  If you don’t contribute to them, something bad will befall society or a certain group of people.  This is how they try to make you feel.   This is what you are left with for feeding the hungry or helping the sick.  There is an assumption that you must fix what is perceived as a problem.  There is pressure in talking you into something.  When you give under these circumstances, you are not coming from a pure sense of love.  We are asking you to rebuild on love.  So, if you give to someone or an organization, it must feel joyful to give.  If you buy something, it must feel right for you to do so.  It could be the best product on the earth but if you are to buy it, you must need it and it must feel right to buy it.  You should feel a sense of expansion.  When you give to charities, do so out of love and a desire to help the specific charity.  Everything that you do must meet the love and compassion test.  If in doubt tune in and see how it feels to say yes and then check into what is right for you.


The Brothers and Sisters of the White Light