Message 10/19/13

Brothers and Sisters,

What is it that blocks you in life?  What is your perception of this block?  Is this block real, necessary or just perceived?

There are times where you are blocked because your ego mind wants to move forward but the timing is wrong.  There are times where those in your life block you because of their fears.  They may wish to control you or limit you so that they feel safe.  Once you understand the blocks and who is blocking you and why, you will know how to proceed.  If your guides are blocking you, it is for some specific reason to help you.  If you have this block from your family or friends, it is usually because they don’t want you to move forward because they are scared of being left behind.

Since we are moving you out of fear and into love, a block because of fear must be removed.  A block that comes from a pure place of love must be reviewed and understood.  There are usually pieces that you need to do before the block may be removed.  These pieces may be taking steps that are needed to create a good foundation.  You may also need to work with those around you who block you to understand their concerns and fears.  Once you address those concerns, you are free.  There is no one answer to any of life’s experiences.  There are also many different ways to process and move forward.  It is all growth related.  You will understand what you need to do perfectly.  The first step is to always remove the fear.


The Brothers of the White Light