Message 10/18/13

Blessed Ones,

We salute you.  Now is a time of great change and transitions and you are here for this many faceted shift in humanity.  We ask that you all trust your intuition and not try and second guess what you feel and what is coming through.  Many things are taking place in your earth plane that those of you who are sensitive are remaining away from.  We now need you to really just follow your intuitive guidance.  Something may not make sense to you now but it will at the right time.  Your world is in for a massive shift that no human has been privileged to take part in before.

Humanity is changing.  You are at the point where you may make great strides in this evolutionary shift.  Be at peace and follow your guidance and all will be well.  Don’t try and impose your logical mind.  Follow your intuitive guidance.  That will benefit you tremendously.


Yahweh and the Brothers of the While Light