Message – 10/1/2013

Blessed Ones,

Welcome!  We are embarking on a new way of working with you.  We are here to help you rebuild your energy.  This is a fresh start.  We are starting new with you and not carrying around the old or previous energy.  This is a new day.  This is a chance for you to recreate from wherever you are.  Be clear about who you want to be and what type of life you want.  Pay attention to what you value and what is important to you.  If something doesn’t fit any of the standards that are important to you, please just strip them away.  You are going to rediscover yourself now.  You can offer this work to share with those who are important to you.  There may be some things that you need to retain while you are doing your transition and transformation but pay attention to how you feel, while you do this.

Our first order of business is to start you off from the designed energy and not what society has created.  Start off with a foundation of love.  If something doesn’t meet the love standard, then you need to step away from it or find a way to bring love into whatever you do and all parts of yourself and life.  This is the crucial piece.  Everything that you do and are must meet the love standard.  When we speak of love, we are not talking about romantic love, we are just speaking of a pure love for all that is.

If this work resonates with you, then you know you are in the right place with being on this website.  If you think this is bunk, then you may need to find another group of beings to work with.  We honor and respect all life and all paths so we want you to find what is right for you.  This site is designed for people who  resonate with the journey we offer you in the human forms who are not really human.  There is no judgment about you for whatever is right for you and whatever timing is right for you.


The White Light Brotherhood