Ken Barkin

BP056-04Welcome! My name is Ken Barkin. I have been doing various forms of metaphysical work as my profession since 1995. Currently, I am channeling various energies who are coming through to help me and those I work with move to a new level. My work and techniques are constantly evolving. I have become a human guide to those who feel a connection with me. This isn’t something that needs to be forced. The clients and students who are right to work with me will feel drawn to me and know that it is right for us to work together. The readings have evolved to a place to help those I work with evolve and align with their journeys. There is a lot of wonderful wisdom that my group of energies provide. They aren’t focused on the outcomes specifically but in the process of helping people reach their goals and paths while understanding the blocks that they have created. Most of my work helps align my students and clients with their true journeys and pathways. This work is empowering to those who partake in it.

Many of us have been taught to fit in and play by the rules that humanity has created. The energies counsel us to go into our own alignment and reveal what is within us, to find our own pathways. We are reaching a period in time where mankind needs to release all of the processes that no longer work and find a new way of being here on the earth with processes that do work. We need to work together to bring out the talents of each being and utilize the various gifts to help each other. Some will be drawn to work in groups and others will need to work in a solo capacity and venture forth to connect with those they need to work with. Each of us holds important clues to how to live and thrive on the earth. Each of us needs to find what works best for us and create our lives accordingly. There is no real right or wrong way to follow this process. It is something that is developed within us and we alone know what feels right for us to create and live.

Our current society has been built on a foundation of fear. People have been working to get something so that they have something that others don’t have. People keep hatred from the past hurts festering. The way to move forward is to rebuild on a foundation of love, peace, compassion and light. This is a time to start fresh and begin anew. There is plenty for all and we can all thrive. Not everyone wants what we want and that is just perfect. There is no one size fits all mentality to this work. There is no judgment of the pathway that another follows. Each spirit came here to learn and experience and they develop their lives accordingly. When you are finished with one lesson another lesson will appear. The work is about aligning to your own path and destiny. I am here to help the appropriate people who are meant to work with me. Miracles will occur perfectly!

So, for those who feel a connection with me and the energies around me, you are welcome to contact me at (303) 621-5657 or to set up an appointment for a session.

Blessings and Light!