Grow your Energy!

Each of you be who and what you are.  Let go of what you hold onto because you think other people expect you to be or do something.  Create for yourself.  Stop trying to feed off of the energy of others.  This includes the type of fix me prayers that many make.  Asking God, angels or any other being to heal you or fix you is part of using the power of others to change something.  Instead, ask what you need to do to heal.  Ask for what you need to do for a better focus.  You each hold much power within you and it is time to remember how to use your own power.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for someone to help you but it is more powerful to ask what you need to do.  If you need help moving something heavy or something shows up and you need support, those are reasons to ask for help. Most answers will come to you, when you tune into energy alignment.  Build energy instead of draining energy.  As you build your energy, your life will be in better alignment and you will create a much more powerful existence.

The Light