Focus on Raising your Vibration!

Peace!  It is time to open to new potentials.  Step away from those who are working at building hate, fear and separation.  Your planet will no longer sustain that energy.  It causes only destruction.  The more you focus on something the bigger it becomes.  Don’t make excuses for who and what someone is.  They are responsible for who and what they are.  Focus on love, kindness and peace.  Focus on raising the vibration within you and around you.  It may look like the activists are trying to fix what is broken but it is the same energy of fear.  Pay attention to what you pick up with them in their calls to action.  Trying to change fear by meeting it with fear will not help.  Change comes from changing the energy and your focus.  You start with your own self.  There are those who have jobs to subdue the evil in your world and that is taking place.  Don’t add to their burdens.  Focus on bringing in the energy that will help shift the energy on your planet.  As you truly shift, everything around you will shift.  You can’t hold onto fear and experience what we are sharing with you.

The Galactic Forum