Expansion and Evolution

Expand your life force.  You have been placed among mankind to potentially help in the evolutionary process.  What you have learned is mankind is stuck in patterns of destruction.  They may have advanced in some areas but not as a species.  The ones who seem to be advancing are different beings who were sent here to help.  The ones not advancing are the beings that you were sent here to monitor.  You know we are all connected.  Pay attention to the energy around you.  Find the energies that belong with you and don’t settle for what you have settled for in the past.  If you hold onto what doesn’t belong with you, you will have a hard time connecting with what does belong with you.  It masks your true energy.

Many will leave your earth in various ways.  Reassignments are in progress.  Galactic beings will help with the evacuations for those who leave in their physical forms.  You will be sent to places that hold better potentials and allow you to utilize your skills in a better way.  Don’t worry about how this will take shape.  The guidance and directions will take place at the perfect timing.  Pay attention to all of your senses.  They will guide you for now!

The Light Guardians