There is a lot of convolution out in the world.  People create many complicated levels and tasks.  People create convolutions to creation and manifesting.  You think there are a lot of rules and regulations in place.  If you don’t get something you want, you think you are being punished.  Certain rules of manifestation and creation exist but they are not complicated.  Are you creating something that is in alignment with you and your true energy?  Are you trying to manifest something that is aligned with your true path?  Are you trying to create to prove something to someone?  Do you truly want or need what you are trying to create?  What are you truly focused on?  If you want to create and manifest, it must in alignment with you, it must be something you want to have or need to have, it must be something you are focused on creating and manifesting.  Most people think they are focused on what they say they want but usually, they are focused on not having something.  You must realize you are already abundant and have everything you need.  Focus on the purity of the energy and create from that place.  Create from your place of abundance and love.  Lack constricts energy. Abundance expands energy.

The Light Giver