Creating Portals

There are beings who wish to work with you.  We need you each to open a portal for us to come through to you and be with you.  Many on your earth plane have created blocks from many various beings coming through.  That is why you are not feeling many of the beings you are used to working with.  The fear level on your planet is very powerful.  If you create an invocation like: “I open a portal for those people, beings and energies meant to be with me and work with me to come through to be with me and work with me now.”  You will not have to worry about who comes through.  It will only be the people, beings and energies who belong with you.  Realize we are not your servants.  We are not under your control.  We are coming through to be with you and work with you.  We have information that will help you evolve and do your work.  You are at a critical point on your planet.  We only wish to help.  We do this as an act of love and not an act of submission.  Don’t assume you know more about why we are coming through now than we do.  Be respectful and honoring.  We will work as a team together.  Do not be fearful about how we may look to you.  Go beyond appearances.  Tune into the energy that comes through.

The Light Messengers