Activate your True DNA and Sequencing!

Brothers and Sisters,

It is time for you to awaken and activate your true DNA and sequences.  You do this by invoking or stating that you awaken and activate your true DNA and your sequencing.  Those of you who have been on loan to humanity will notice a shift by doing this.  You might also receive clear guidance by doing this invocation.  Whatever comes from this is perfect for you.  We can no longer wait for humans to wake up and look out for your planet, the worlds and solar systems around you.  It is time we navigate our next sequencing without them.  The earth will survive the destruction mankind is creating but mankind may not survive what they are creating.  Your world is about to undergo a really powerful shift now.  All will be as it needs to be.  There is nothing to worry about in this process.  Those of you who read our words are ready to evolve now!